Selecting the Right Repair Clamp

Syarikat Air Terengganu (SATU) is a water operator, located on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia – Terengganu. While its HQ is in Kuala Terengganu, they operate in a total of 8 districts.

As an operator of such a large amount of pipelines all over Malaysia, occurrences of Pipe leakage/bursts are relatively common for SATU - especially when the pipes have reached a certain age. This leads to a large quantity of Non-revenue water, and some states in Malaysia even record as much as 50% of the water being Non-revenue water. 

Repair clamps have become an essential tool for quickly and efficiently tackling sudden damage to a pipeline, while also providing a permanent solution to a leakage or bursts. For SATU, AVK Malaysia has been chosen as continuous supplier, which is due to AVK Malaysia’s ability to provide high quality, custom sizes and manufacture with short notice.

AVK Malaysia has long been recognized by SATU and consistently supplies repair clamps to the facilities of SATU, and this has resulted in AVK repair clamps being used in districts where this solution is still new to them. 

SATU in Hulu Terengganu district is relatively new to repair clamps, and as such, it is important to provide the knowledge to the new operator on how they select the right repair clamp. There is no doubt, that using a wrong type sealing range of repair clamp will not seal the leakage pipe tightly. Repair clamps are designed with a certain tolerance for different pipe sealings, and therefore, each repair clamp is tailor-made to the type and size of the pipe.

In AVK Malaysia, we are proud to now also supply high quality repair clamps to SATU in Hulu Terengganu. Contrary to the conventional method of leakage-repair, AVK repair clamps offer a cost-saving method. We firmly believe that SATU Hulu Terengganu, as our other customers, will find that AVK repair clamps work as a prompt, permanent, easy-to-handle solution, that will help to save time, save manpower,  and reduce Non-revenue water. 

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