Repair Clamp

AVK Malaysia offers a wide range of repair clamps and off-take clamps designed for quick pipe repairs and easy installation. The excellent build and rubber quality ensure durable solutions for all sorts of cracks in most common pipe materials.

AVK's continuous focus on high quality and innovation has paved the way for our global reach, and the repair clamp range has been widened substantially to meet local requirements.

AVK Malaysia has more than 15 year experience in manufacturing repair clamps and our products are sold in more than 10 countries. Equipped with repair clamp manufacturing facility at Klang, Selangor, dedicated technical and commercial team, AVK Malaysia is able respond swiftly to pipe repair situations with high quality repair clamps and services.

Expect Quick Fix And Easy Installation!

The manufacturing time of standard stainless steel repair clamps is 2 weeks, but express delivery within Malaysia can be done within 24 hours! Give us a call.
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