AVK 36/80 Gate Valve c/w PE-End's Success In Maldives

A Joint-success with MALE' Water and Sewerage company PVT.LTD (MWSC) 31-10-2022

For over a decade now, AVK Series 36/80 Gate Valve with PE-end has been supplied, installed, and successfully operated in Maldives by MWSC.

MWSC is the pioneering organization in the Maldives for water production and wastewater management systems, diligently providing the people of Male’ with potable water and managing wastewater sustainably. At present it serves approximately more than 50% of the Maldivian population.

AVK, being the only selected partner for water works and wastewater valve to MWSC, has supplied numerous water network projects in Maldives, with customer categories stretched across domestic, commercial, and institutional. Among it, AVK Series 36/80 Gate Valve with PE-End has proven full integration to the design and build of water supply networks based on MWSC’s Water Resources Management approach. AVK Series 36/80 Gate Valve with PE-End, which is designed with built-in safety in every detail, manages to reduce the risk of leakage, while sustaining high durability and proven ease of installation which makes it the only choice throughout the years.

AVK Series 36/80 Gate Valve with PE-End is a fully welded pipe system up to Ø630 mm. It is fully vulcanized with AVK’s own drinking water approved EPDM rubber compound. Featuring an outstanding durability due to the ability of the rubber to regain its original shape, the double bonding vulcanization process, and the sturdy wedge design. The triple safety stem sealing system, the high strength stem and the thorough corrosion protection safeguard the unmatched reliability. AVK’s product quality answers to MWSC’s promises to providing safe water that adheres to the standards set by Environment Protection Agency (EPA) in the Maldives.

“With over 5,000 units of AVK Series 36/80 Gate Valve with PE-End installed in the Maldives in the past 7 years, we have witnessed MWSC‘s commitment to supply quality water consistently with utmost excellence. AVK Malaysia is honoured to be a part of MWSC‘s economic and sustainability growth over the years. It is AVK’s focus too, by ensuring access to water and sanitation for all and making cities safe, resilient and sustainable. Possibilities between MWSC and AVK are endless.” Rasmus Martensen, Managing Director of AVK Valves Manufacturing Malaysia.

AVK Malaysia sees exponential growth in revenue from MWSC over the past 5 years, which marked great success despite the economy and supply chain challenges resulting from the COVID pandemic worldwide. We are very positive on the business journey with MWSC and seeing more collaboration in many years to come.

Read to full article from the 3rd AVK Southeast Asia regional magazine, at page 12.

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