AVK Malaysia launches new Webshop

Today AVK is proud to announce the launch of our new webshop! 30-10-2020

We have been very excited to introduce a webshop, as it offers our customers a way to purchase our readily available products whenever it suits them. 

Purchasing online has many benefits and the demand for online purchase has only increased. The recent pandemic has had a huge impact on our lives and businesses and “the new normal” has driven all of us more towards digital platforms across all industries and types of commodities. 

Even though there have been many negative consequences of COVID-19, we believe that the increase in demand for online-purchase may benefit us all – customer as well as supplier. 
By enabling online-purchase, we provide our customers additional possibilities. For example, it will be possible to view our stock-availability, customers may order our products online at any time, and they have the option to re-order previous purchases.

Follow the link below and experience all the features on our new webshop! We look forward to seeing you online.

AVK Webshop

Looking to purchase products online?

Our team here at AVK Malaysia is excited to announce that our Webshop is now Live! 

By creating a user-profile on our webshop, you can purchase your products at 25%  below list prices.

If you are already an AVK-customer, your specific discount will be applied to your order automatically – this will be effective after we confirm your user-profile on the webshop.

We are committed to providing you the best service in the business – if you have any questions, please download our webshop-guide from the link or feel free to contact us through the contact-page. 

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