3rd issue of the AVK Southeast Asia Regional Magazine

Expect stories from AVK Southeast Asia region: The AVK Southeast Asia regional magazine brings you news, case stories and products information from AVK Group and specifically from the Southeast Asia region đź’§ Enjoy reading! 07-10-2022

Dear Valuable Partners,

While the world, at the moment is well on the way to successfully working its way out of the pandemic and returning back to a somehow normal way of life, we at AVK are also pleased to say that we are on the way back to our ultimate goals of supporting our customers and adding value to them.

We are however still challenged daily by supply chain issues that are very difficult for us to manage and most of you are no doubt in the same situation.

I’m pleased to present to you all, our new edition of the 3rd AVK Southeast Asia Magazine. In this edition we bring you a broad variety of topics. First of all, we take you through a number of exciting valve applications around the regions, from the Philippines in the north to Indonesia in the south.

In Indonesia we were finally able to restart our visit to local water works across the Java and Bali Islands, an enormous undertaking that we feel has been very much appreciated by our partners. I would also like to take the opportunity to highlight a very successful story from the Maldives where our series 36 gate valves have successfully been installed in vast numbers.

On page 26 we discuss how to reduce leakage and NRW by following 10 suggested steps in identifying the possible focus areas.

In this edition we are also taking the first steps to unveiling the wonderful world of AVK’s Industrial brands that are also available to our customers and partners around the Southeast Asia region. This time it will only be a short introduction and description, but you can all look forward to a more comprehensive dealing with many strong brands in the next edition of the magazine. Interactive links to stories, videos and contacts are added throughout the contents to help navigate your reading.

With this I would finally like to wish you all happy reading.


Gert Borrits
Regional Managing Director, AVK Southeast Asia