New InterLink: December 2022 Edition

Expect stories from the AVK World: Read about some of the latest projects, initiatives and business highlights from across the AVK Group 💧💦🌊 01-12-2022

The impact of water in the world's supply has become increasingly clear, in particular the strong interlinked between water and energy. Energy extraction and generation require water, and water supply is dependent on energy - and hence, demand for both is escalating.

Large volumes of water are used to cool conventional power plants. If a plant is located near the coastline, seawater is typically use to cool it. Otherwise, freshwater will be used, which to be obtained from other regions where it is required, such as for drinking water.

Nuclear power generating has received a lot of attention in the context of the continuing energy crisis, because it doesn't add to CO2 emissions. However, the extensive use of water for cooling is not noted. Who hasn't seen photographs of those distinctive, cone-shaped steam towers?

These are some the area and topic we addressed and discussed in this edition of InterLink. Also, an intriguing read about our valves being examined for hydrogen applications, and a variety of case studies regarding wastewater treatment plants that have been extended and outfitted with AVK products. The solutions are ready; we just need to put them to use.

Please especially see to Hoa Lien water treatment plant in Da Nang’s overall development by AVK Vietnam. And, Nusantara tour concluded for the island of Java, Madura and Bali by AVK Fusion Indonesia, which taken exponential determination and commitment to go all out meeting key stakeholders from the water utilities company.

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